Fire & Smoke Seals – the small cost of a life-saving product

Fire Brigade

We all know the importance of intumescent materials in a fire door set. At Mann McGowan we refer to them as “unseen heroes”; the fire and smoke seals, fire rated air transfer grilles, glazing seals and ironmongery protection, completing a system that has been subjected to rigorous quality control, independent third-party evaluation and tested to various national and international standards. These products save lives and property.

Mann McGowan proudly work with leading door core, glazing and hardware companies to ensure this quality and compliance, and manufacture products that keep us all safe in the event of a fire in schools, hospitals, high rise blocks of flats and hotels, and various other commercial and domestic buildings.

Continuous Investment

We pride ourselves on the quality and high performance of our sealing solutions and use only the highest quality raw materials. We subject our products to rigorous external testing as well as strict internal quality checks to ensure we offer a product that is more than fit for purpose 100% of the time.

Mann McGowan are committed to ensuring our products continue to perform at the highest level. We spend a significant amount of our Research & Development budget on third party and indicative testing to ensure our range of products are fully tested with all leading door core products globally. We also continue to invest in the best people to ensure our customers receive correct support and advice from our experienced technical and commercial team.

Mann McGowan products not only pass the test but they will also stand the test of time. Away from the controlled environment of a fire test, in the real world and over the years due to wear and tear, door gaps will get wider and hinges may drop, but using the highest quality materials ensures greater protection and longevity.



Mann McGowan invest in a substantial testing programme to ensure our products meet and exceed national and international standards

Supply Chain Challenges

As we all know, at present the global supply chain continues to be extremely volatile. Raw material shortages and continual price increases are blamed on a variety of reasons such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. Since commencing trading in 1977, Mann McGowan has always tried to be the last company to blink where price increases are concerned. We do not pass on annual incremental increases, and constantly examine working and manufacturing processes and procedures for improvements and best practice. Continuous investment in people, products, testing and manufacturing, to ensure a standard of fire safety we all deserve, means that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we cannot absorb increases to us any longer.



These images show the protection offered by a correctly installed fire door where devastation occurs

What Price Life?

Recent devastating and tragic events around the world continue to highlight the importance of fire safety and regulatory compliance. When correctly installed and using fully tested products, Fire Doors not only preserve life from smoke and fire, but contain devastating damage to preserve the rest of a building, saving huge amounts of money in insurance claims.

Ultimately, the products Mann McGowan develop and manufacture, despite being life-saving products, are of small monetary value compared to other products on a fire-rated door-set. We are proud of their quality and also their outstanding value for money.
In this context fire and smoke seals are not expensive!



We look forward to continuing to develop and supply our products to the Passive Fire Protection industry for many years to come. Thank you for your support.

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