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Pyrogrille – Square and Rectangular Air Transfer Grilles

Pyrogrille air transfer grilles are designed for installation into fire resisting doors or partitions where there is requirement for the passage of free air, such as boiler rooms or IT server rooms. Manufactured by Mann McGowan using high performance intumescent slats spaced 12mm apart, the finished units are 38mm thick. Providing up to two hours fire protection they still allow 60% free air flow in normal use. A range of decorative covers are also available.

  • Tested in flexible walling and ducting to BS476: Part 20: 1987, offering up to 120 minutes fire integrity
  • Tested in timber doors to BS EN1634-1:2014, offering up to 60 minutes fire integrity
  • Large range of standard and non-standard sizes available to suit all applications*
  • Offers approx. 60% free area
  • No moving parts therefore no maintenance required
  • Slim design; only 38mm thick
  • Can be supplied with a wide range of decorative covers if required
  • Simple to install in doors, walls and ducts
  • Standard finish is black but other colours are available
    *Check with door manufacturer’s fire test evidence for maximum size permissible.


Square and rectangular air transfer/ventillation grilles for fire resisting doors


PYROGRILLE air transfer grilles are manufactured from high performance intumescent slats, spaced 12mm apart. The thickness of the units are 38mm.

Decorative steel cover grilles are available for our square and rectangular units, please consult with our sales office regarding sizes available.


PYROGRILLES have been subjected to fire resistance tests in accordance with
BS 476 Part 20 : 1987 and assessed to Dutch Norm NEN 6069.


PYROGRILLE units can be fixed into fire resisting doors or timber stud partitions using a hardwood or steel flange. Alternatively wood screws can be used through the perimeter of the units.

Gaps around the PYROGRILLE unit greater than 3mm should be fire sealed using PYROMAS A intumescent sealant.


Standard colour black.

Non standard colours red and bronze.


Since there are no moving parts to go wrong, PYROGRILLES are easily maintained. Units should be cleaned using a damp cloth. Grease can be removed by using neat liquid detergent or methylated spirit. Strong degreasing agents should not be used nor should the units be immersed or saturated with water.


When ordering please state, fire resistance required, width, height and colour.


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