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Pyroglaze channel in glazed door aperture
Pyroglaze Channel Frame

Pyroglaze Channel

Pyroglaze channel is a neoprene based U shaped gasket that has been developed to provide a simple glazing gasket, capable of providing in excess of 30 minutes fire resistance when used in conjunction with the wide range of fire resisting glasses now available.  It can be used to glaze apertures in fire resisting doors, screens and partitions.

 Pyroglaze channel has been fire tested/assessed to BS 476 Pt 22 1987

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  • Glazing rebates must be free from dirt, grit or friable materials.
  • Pyroglaze should be cut to suit the glass size to be installed.
  • Pyroglaze channel can be cut with a sharp knife or scissors.
  • Pyroglaze should be fitted around the edges of the glass.

The first glazing bead should be fixed into position using steel pins 38mm long at 150mm centres. The glass, together with the Pyroglaze channel should be offered up into the opening. The second glazing bead should be fixed into position using 38mm long steel pins at 150mm centres.
N.B. All pins must be splayed so they fit under the glass.


Pyroglaze is available in Black only and is supplied in 50 metre reels

Pyroglaze Channel 6
Suitable for glasses 5mm to 7mm thick

Pyroglaze Channel 10
Suitable for glasses 10mm to 12mm thick

Pyroglaze Channel 15
Suitable for glasses 14mm to 15mm thick


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