Fire Door Inspection Repairs and Upgrades

Hospital corridor FDI

Aside from private homes, every building in the country is subject to statutory fire safety regulations. It is a legal obligation for someone to take responsibility for ensuring these are met.

But how can you do that when, in all likelihood, you won’t have the knowledge or expertise that’s essential for the task to be completed?

Thankfully, there is a simple solution. You ask Mann McGowan to help.

Here at Mann McGowan we are able to provide all the specialist skills required to check each and every fire door in your building – calling on qualified inspectors to examine every little detail. The inspection will ensure that the door is in proper working order and will clearly identify any faults that need rectifying. We can also organise expert repairs or new installation wherever the need arises.

In short, we are able to offer the complete fire door service. Drawing on a generation’s experience in the field – and guaranteeing complete peace of mind for you and everyone in your team.

Simply email and we will make an appointment to discuss your fire-door requirements. Alternatively, give us a call on 01252 333601.

  • Access to a number of fully qualified inspectors
  • Written reports on condition and functionality
  • One-off site inspections to long-term contracts covering multiple buildings
  • Special expertise in listed buildings