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Pyrospan Usage Illustration


Pyrospan is a flexible linear gap sealant comprising a sandwich of high-performance intumescent bonded to a flame retardant foam – and provides extremely effective protection against the spread of fire through gaps in fire compartment walls and floors.

Pyrospan compresses to 50% of its original thickness and its inherent flexibility enables it to withstand normal movement in buildings and retain its performance characteristics over extended periods of time

  • Proven fire resistance in excess of 4 hours
  • Resistant to water and certain chemicals
  • Standard 1000mm length
  • Suitable for floor and wall joints, floor movement joints, curtain wall and floor slab abutments, tolerance gaps and many other areas
  • Easily compressed and installed by hand
  • Successfully utilised in numerous projects in the UK and abroad
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Pyrospan is a flexible sandwich construction of high performance intumescent bonded to a flame retardant foam.

The product is both resistant to water and certain chemicals. It is flexible to withstand movement and will expand in the event of a fire to seal the gap in which it is placed.

Pyrospan is supplied in 1000mm lengths as standard.


Pyrospan has been fire tested and assessed in accordance with BS 476 Part 20 by Mann McGowan. Fire resistance periods in excess of 4 hours have been achieved.

Full details on request.


Pyrospan is suitable as a flexible linear gap seal within a building including:-

  • Movement joints
  • Floor/compartment wall junctions
  • Floor movement joints
  • Curtain wall/floor slab abutments
  • Tolerance gaps around fire screens and door frames
  • Movement or construction joints in masonry


Pyrospan compresses up to at least 50% of its original thickness. It is installed by compressing the material by hand and pushing into place as required. If the concrete or joint faces are particularly rough then a laminate upvc faced Pyrospan L should be used.

Pyrospan can be cut to length using a hacksaw. Butt joints must be buttered with Pyromas A sealant.

Pyrospan Codes
Gap (mm) FR60 mins FR120 mins
> 10 PS 12 x 20 PS 12 x 38
11-20 PS 23 x 20 PS 23 x 38
21-30 PS 34 x 25 PS 34 x 38
31-40 PS 45 x 25 PS 45 x 38
41-50 PS 58 x 25 PS 58 x 38
51-60 PS 67 x 38 PS 67 x 50
61-70 PS 77 x 38 PS 77 x 50
71-80 PS 89 x 38 PS 89 x 65
81-90 PS 100 x 38 PS 100 x 65
91-100 PS 115 x 38 PS 115 x 65

For other gaps sizes and longer fire resistance periods please contact our Technical Department.

The codes refer to the size of the Pyrospan seal. The first dimension is the joint width. i.e. 23 x 20 compresses into a gap of between 11-20 mm.


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