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Pyrosleeve consists of a mild steel canister which houses internal intumescent seals in two identical hinged sections fastened by a toggle catch.

Pyrosleeve provides excellent fire sealing for mechanical and electrical services which pass through fire resisting walls and floors.

  • Choice of cylindrical, square and rectangular configurations
  • Robust, ergonomically designed construction
  • Proven 4 hour fire and smoke resistance
  • Effective protection for both metal and plastic pipes
  • Effective protections for electrical cables, ductwork, trunking, ladders and trays
  • Simple installation



Pyrosleeve – Consists of a mild steel canister in either cylindrical, square or rectangular configuration that houses the intumescent internally. It is constructed from two identical sections hinged together and fastened by a toggle catch.


Pyrosleeve has successfully undergone fire resistance tests to BS 476: Parts 8, 20 and 22 and been assessed for up to 4 hours integrity and insulation.


Pyrosleeve fire dampers should be installed around service penetrations in compartment or separating walls and floors.


Pyrosleeves have a zinc passivate
protected coating as standard.
Other finishes (ie stainless steel or colour coated) are available on request.


Pyrosleeve units can be fitted to provide fire sealing to mechanical and electrical services which pass through fire resisting walls and floors, including:-

  • Plastic pipes to BS 4514 and BS 5255.
  • Bare metal pipes to BS 1387 (M/S) and BS 2871: Part 1 1971
  • ABS pipes
  • Polypropylene pipes
  • Insulated metal pipes – with thermo-degradable insulation
  • Electrical cables – armoured
  • Electrical cables – double insulated
  • Electrical ductwork
  • Electrical ladders and trays




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