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Pyropost - Fire-Resisting Letter Box

Pyropost – Fire Resisting Letter Box

When letter-boxes are required in fire resisting doors in multi-occupancy buildings, cutting the requisite aperture inevitably compromises the integrity of fire compartments and can increase the risk of fire spreading through the door.

Pyropost is specifically designed to eliminate this potential problem, incorporating high-performance intumescent liners into a solid metal letter-box to create a completely integrated system offering verifiable fire resistance of up to 66 minutes.

  • Solid die-cast telescopic letter box
  • Suitable for both timber and composite doors
  • Proven fire resistance of up to 66 minutes
  • Standard finish bright chrome
  • Alternative finishes subject to availability
  • Simple installation, minimal maintenance
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Pyropost comprises of a solid die cast telescopic letter box, combined with Pyrostrip Letter Plate Intumescent Liners to form a complete system.
This product has been designed to suit both Timber and Composite solid doors.


Test Report Fire Centre Number Resistance
Warres 67719 66 minutes
Warres C82340 66 minutes
Chiltern 05123 38 Minutes


Pyropost should be fitted to FD 30 and FD 60 door leaves with respective
minimum thicknesses of 44mm and 54mm.
The Pyrostrip intumescent liner should be fitted between the letter box sleeve and the door core.
The Pyropost is then fixed either side of the door core using the fixing screws supplied.


Pyropost is available in Bright Chrome as standard.

Other finishes may be obtainable subject to availability.

For further information please contact our Sales Office.


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