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Interdens Type 5Pyrolock combined with lock mechanism

Pyrostrip Interdens

Pyrostrip is a phosphate based (MAP) multi-component intumescent system proving a minimum of 30 minutes protection for a wide variety of fire resistant glass and other applications.

Under the action of heat, the components react chemically to form a soft char some 40 times its original volume and this seals gaps which may occur during a fire. It also has insulating properties to protect timber substrates in such situations.

  • Proven fire resistance in excess of 30 minutes
  • Choice of white, red, black or brown finishes
  • Supplied in sheet form, can be cut to size or length if required
  • Option for self-adhesive backing for ease of fixing
  • Completely flexible when cold
  • Standard thicknesses Type 5 – 0.6mm, Type 15 – 1mm and Type 36 – 2mm



Pyrostrip Interdens is manufactured in multiple formats and available as strips and sheets.

When exposed to fire, the product exerts a two phase expansion at 150ºC and then at 300ºC, the resulting foam acts as both an insulator against radiant heat and a barrier to fill gaps in fire resisting structures.


Standard thicknesses Type 5 – 0.6mm, Type 15 – 1mm and Type 36 – 2mm

Maximum sheet size 2000mm x 1020mm for all above grades. We can manufacture to size and cut to shape as required.


Type 5 – White

Type 15 – White, Brown and Black

Type 36 – White, Red, Brown and Black


The product is semi-rigid and can be used to seal gaps around partitions, doors, grooves in structural components, glazing and for ironmongery protection.


Pyrostrip Interdens has undergone fire tests globally, in the UK it has been successfully tested to BS476 Part 22 and BS EN 1634.

In addition, IFSA have conducted ageing tests as part of an ongoing programme in the UK and Germany.




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